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An On-Demand Course That Helps You Save Time Learning the Cajon; No Previous Music Knowledge Required
  • Easy-To-Follow Videos
  • Learn Cajon
  • Become a Great Cajon Player

Improving Your Timing Is Hard

Learning the rhythm and timing needed to play drums can be hard and confusing. If you don’t see progress, you’re left feeling frustrated and annoyed with yourself. It’s just plain wrong for you to waste time and money trying to learn a percussion instrument like the cajon and not see progress.

Learn Only What You Need


Progress You Can Track

Learn at your own pace and check off lessons when you feel you’ve mastered them.


Theory That’s Not Confusing

Learn only the necessary concepts, broken down into examples and street language you can understand (no Greek…).


Cheatsheets So You Don’t Forget

Download the cheatsheets to help you remember key ideas and concepts.

Meet Your Guide

Jonathon Vogel has taught 100s of music lessons to many musicians and artists, helping them use proven methods to become great musicians. Now, he’s ready to teach you.

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Your Transform My Music Subscription Includes…

  • Access to ALL On-Demand Courses
  • Course Cheatsheets
  • Messaging Access For Questions
  • Access To a Music Coach For Questions

Don’t Pay For Lessons That Don’t Give You a Return

Many people find learning a musical instrument hard, confusing, or too much time. At Transform My Music, I offer music training courses that make learning an instrument simple, easy to understand, and time-saving so that they can become great musicians.

The problem is that normally, you pay for music lessons, spend time practicing some sheet music, and only have a few songs to show for it. Learning an instrument becomes a slow and frustrating process.

You shouldn’t have to learn an instrument one song at a time. I understand how frustrating and time-consuming it can be to learn an instrument. For over 5 years, I’ve taught 100s of music lessons to people just like you. The plan is simple:
2. Master Key Music Skills
3. Play an Instrument
So, get access, and in the meantime, download the cheatsheets. So you stop feeling like you aren’t good enough to check “learn an instrument” on your bucket list and start feeling excited as you learn everything need to become a great musician.

Learning an Instrument Just Got Simple

step 1

Get Access Today

Subscribe for just $200/year to get access to cajon made simple, access to experts for questions, and exclusive resources. Cancel anytime.

step 2

Watch the Videos

There’s just a few simple concepts you need to learn to play cajon. We’ll help you learn all the basic music skills you need.

step 3

See Results When You Practice

Become a great cajon player isn’t hard. You just need a guide. Get access to Transform My Music and feel confident that your skills and abilities will grow.

Your Investment

$200 /year

Less than weekly lessons or a daily cup of coffee at the coffee shop.

  • One year of unlimited access to courses
  • Includes ongoing access to future courses
  • Cancel anytime

Not Ready To

Get Access Yet?

Because we believe SO much in the course material, and because we want you to be a great musician, you can download the Transform My Music Cheatsheets for free.


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